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Tips for Hiking


Summertime is the best time to go hiking. This is when there are clear skies and also long fresh daylight hour, and this is why summer attracts most hikers. Although the challenge would be the heat because as the temperatures go up, it can be tough to keep your body calm and motivated when you are well prepared you will be ready and well prepared.  Don't let the weather discourage your from experiencing the beautiful memories. Some few tips can guide you so that you can have a great Kilimanjaro climb experience. The first thing is to check the weather. Don't just assume that you will be ok on the trail, this is especially so if you are hiking during the hot weather, and so it is important that you check the weather forecast before you plan the trip. When it is humid, it means that it might rain and so you have to be prepared in advance. It is important that you keep yourself safe in the different climatic situations, so before you go out, it is important to confirm how the weather will be.


It is important to start early, and then you can finish late. This is helpful when you want to avoid the day heat. You should start the hiking trip early in the morning or even late in the afternoon or the evening so that you can skip the midday heat. Avoid hiking from 11 am to around 3 pm, try and hike during the coolest times of the day. Be an early riser and close the day late.  You can also check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWlPveh-LOs.


It is important that you choose your trail wisely. When you are hiking in an under the trees, it is different from the uncovered mountains that you pass. It is therefore important that you can choose your trail well. The trail that you choose should include the shady sections because this can allow you to rest for some few minutes.  You have to find a trail that runs along the river and the running water. This means that you can find drinking water so that you can refresh and be able to cool down.


It is important that you carry the right apparel. If you are hiking in the hot weather, you can wear the synthetic clothes because you will sweat a lot and wear the moisture wicking clothes so that you can prevent irritation. Carry enough water so that you can be well hydrated and also enough snacks for your journey. Know more on climbing Kilimanjaro here!