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Preparing to Climb a Mountain


There are more mountain climbing enthusiasts all over the world than there ever were before. Climbing has been made more accessible, but this does not eliminate the challenge it still poses. You, therefore, need to prepare well if you are to succeed and be safe on your climb.


Mountain climbing is exciting for many. It is a total body workout, which improves your health. It is, however, a very demanding prospect. You need to prepare yourself well unless you are a seasoned climber. This is especially so for those new to climbing.


You first need to know which mountain you shall be climbing. You can only choose depending on what you are capable of, and what you have studied. You then need to gather all the information there is on the mountain. This shall include the terrain, weather, wildlife, height, location, and such. You need to know it intimately so that you are not caught off-guard when you get there. Talk to people who have climbed it before about their experiences. You will also need to know what gear you need to purchase, and how to train for the climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.


You also need to prepare your body. You will be facing a constantly moving, tiring and increasingly difficult time. You, therefore, need to start training hard months before the climb time reaches. When it is time to climb, there won't be a chance to train some more. You need to adopt an adequate conditioning routine that involves walking, running, jumping, pushups, sit-ups, and other exercises. You will also be carrying your supplies, so you need to be as strong as possible.


You also need to work n your mental strength. This is a grueling undertaking, even for the toughest minds. You, therefore, need to be prepared well mentally and be in a state where adversity does not easily shake you. You need to see a doctor before a climb. They will assess you and report on your preparedness. Know more on the cost to climb Mount Kilimanjaro here!

You need to pick your supplies wisely; you need it to be as light as possible, but adequate for your needs while you are climbing. You need to think of the size of the mountain, the distance to be covered, the weather prevalent as you progress, and all you will need to have as you go.


Mountain climbing is not a sport to be approached with spontaneity. You need to have a clear plan. You need to have each detail covered, form how you will get there, to what happens in case something goes wrong.


When you cover all these bases, you shall be ready to tackle a mountain. You need to remember everything you have practiced, and all you found out about the mountain. With time, you shall be able to take on some of the toughest mountains out there and even get to climb one such as Mount Kilimanjaro. Continue reading, visit http://edition.cnn.com/2016/07/29/health/summer-exercise-benefits/index.html.